Vector Credit LLC

Founded November 19, 2019

Vector Credit was founded on the vision of a better client experience. Following a very successful 9 year career with one of the largest B2B commercial agencies in North America, our Founder was left with more to be desired. While Sales is an artform, there is no replacement for results and answers. Client’s deserved more.

Vector Credit has created strong agency & attorney partnerships throughout the industry with leaders that share our vision. Together, we produce high rates of liquidation while reducing cost and increasing customer satisfaction. When you choose Vector Credit, you are not working with one company, collector or sales representative. You are working with the best Team in the business with your success as its target.

Our Mission

  • To deliver what clients need and expect from a 3rd Party Service Provider through efficient communication, performance, and delivery.
  • To advance and enhance an industry that has seen little change for 30+ years.
  • To provide transparency, ease of use and never before seen performance by working with the best industry professionals that share our goal and vision.
  • To innovate products and services that enable our clients to achieve their goals and reduce cost.
  • To deliver those products and services on-demand using secure, reliable, and access anywhere technology.

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