Vector Credit utilizes a specialized network of law firms and attorney’s throughout multiple nationwide top-tier legal groups.

Contingency Based – Upfront cost is limited to filing fees and court costs

Collection & Attorney’s Fees can be added to the suit amount if indicated on your signed Credit Application

  • All Other Efforts Exhausted
  • Balance Is Warranted
  • Personal Guarantee Present
All Other Efforts Exhausted
  • Efforts Through Vector Credit 3rd Party Collections Have Been Exhausted
  • Debtor Company Is Still Operating
  • Debtor Refuses To Communicate
  • Debtor Bounces Checks with no relief forthcoming
  • Repeated Broken Promises
  • Debtor Company Located Within The United States of America
Balance Is Warranted
  • Balances of $5,000 and greater
Personal Guarantee Present

Personal Guarantee’s can put you in an advantageous position even if the debtor company is no longer operating. However, it is not recommended to delay action based on having a personal guarantee due to the fact many small businesses will file personal bankruptcy right behind the business.


Vector Credit’s specialized network of law firms and attorney’s pursue legal cases through Execution and Enforcement of Legal Judgments.

  • Bank Garnishment
  • Asset Attachment
  • Settlement
Bank Garnishment

Vector Credit’s attorney network utilizes all available tools to attach and enforce judgments for immediate payment when and where possible. If the debtor company as filed, has a bank account with funds available, the attorney will proceed to intercept, freeze, and withdraw those funds.

Asset Attachment


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