VCollect :

The True Extension of your Accounts Receivable Team

VCollect provides clients with on-demand placement, management and servicing of their receivables.

Place, manage, and collaborate through the Vector Credit Integrator Online Platform powered by Salesforce

Seamless Customer Contact via Mail, Email and Telephone

Customizable Scope : you are in control of VCollect event handling, payment objection resolution and payment arrangement terms in real time

Decrease inventory load on In-House Teams
  • Remove habitual slow payers from your in-house department’s inventory
  • Free your highly trained in-house teams to coordinate and handle issues that are more time consuming like product issues, disputes
  • Offload a product line or portfolio that may need additional attention or more coverage
Increase Account Coverage
  • Short-staffed Accounts Receivable Department
  • Hiring Freeze
  • Increased Number of Accounts Past Due : Seasonal Business, Global Pandemic, Employee Turnover, Merger’s and Acquisitions
Small Business
  • Many Hats = Many Distractions
  • Time better spent growing the business than following up on slow paying accounts
  • Decrease DSO = Cashflow
Meet Monthly, Quarterly, Yearly Goals
  • Decrease DSO = Cashflow
  • Uncover Objections Faster through communication
  • Become the priority for payment

VCollect Express : Designed for Clients needing 1st Party Service Only

VCollect Pro : Designed for Clients needing 1st or 3rd Party Service

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