What does Vector Credit Charge?

We operate contingency based.

If We Don’t Collect, We Don’t Get Paid.

I already have a collection agency, why should I work with Vector Credit?

Vector Credit was built from the ground up to improve the Client Experience where other agencies fall short.

The Client Experience includes:



Ease of Use

Data Security & Integrity


How does Vector Credit provide updates on the accounts that I’ve placed?

Vector Credit has a deep rooted understanding of your needs — information is a critical piece of our responsibility regarding our relationship with you.

Vector Credit utilizes Salesforce to ensure close collaboration between its Clients, Partners and the accounts placed with us.

Who will be my contact?

At Vector Credit, all clients work with a Dedicated Account Manager.

A Single Point of Contact.

Why is this important?

When multiple accounts are active, some may need to be escalated to different departments, IE an outside attorney. Rather than having multiple departments contacting you — you can rely on a single point of contact to have all answers, coordinate all moving pieces and carry the responsibility to report back to you when and where necessary.

I don’t have a “Problem” with slow or no payers, but I do have just one…

Most of Vector Credit’s clients don’t need us everyday either — You will receive the same response, effort, and results we provide to Fortune 100 companies.

We will do our best to help you achieve your goals regardless of the dollar amount owed, or the number of accounts you have entrusted us to handle on your behalf.

What happens if Vector Credit can’t collect?

Vector Credit works with a network of Specialized Commercial Collection Attorney’s across the country — in every state, regardless of where you or your debtor are located. We will review the full details of said debtor account with you and the decision is always yours if you would like to proceed with legal action. We want to ARM you with all of the details before you are in a position to spend Good Money After Bad.

What does “Vector” Stand For?

Trajectory, Aim, Course, Route, Way, Bearing, Angle, Track, Direction are all synonyms of the word Vector, and we think they accurately describe our company and its efforts of serving our clients.

Challenge us.

Who pays for your successful efforts, my company or the debtor?

Vector Credit can and will aggressively pursue collection fees as part of our efforts, if your documentation gives us that option. Your Dedicated Account Manager will advise if your documentation adequately protects your rights in this regard and if not, they will advise what changes need to be made to bring you into compliance.

Can Vector Credit collect anywhere in the World?

Yes, Vector Credit operates Globally.

How can I place accounts with Vector Credit?

We like to make things as easy as possible — its what we do.

Place accounts online through our secure website, via email, or over the phone — whatever is best for you.

Does Vector Credit collect individual/consumer accounts?

No, Vector Credit is strictly a Commercial B2B Accounts Receivable Management Partner.

We would be happy to discuss these issues and guide you accordingly. We are here to help.

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